Client Testimonials And Peer Endorsements

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Christie for approximately five years. During this time,she has always come through for me on the projects I have assigned to her. Christie’s research skills are second to none. Her briefs are always winners. By this I mean that, in those matters in which I came up short, Christie’s brief kept me in the running with the judge. I look forward to a long association with her.”
– Andrew Sigal, Law Offices of Andrew C. Sigal, Van Nuys, CA, 2012.

“Christie and I have been working together on civil litigation matters since 2009. She has been a huge asset to my practice. I frequently count on her to assist me with research and writing. Her research is thorough and her writing is concise, clear and persuasive. Christie also makes court appearances for me. She is very reliable and I know that she will always provide me with an accurate summary of the proceedings and will effectively advocate for my clients.”
– Jonathan Nguyen, Gilbert & Nguyen, El Segundo, CA, 2010.

“I have been practicing for 13 years and have worked with Ms. Asselin for the past year. She has assisted me with numerous motions and other pleadings that we were successful in. She is competent, a good researcher, fair in her hourly rate, and pleasant to be around. I highly recommend her as an attorney and as a co-counsel.”
– Angelica Leon, Beverly Hills Lawyers & Associates, 2010.

“Christie is an amazing, amiable and attentive attorney. She helped me with a case which resulted from a fire in my former apartment. My landlord tried to blame me for the faulty heater that started the fire, and Christie got the case dismissed within just a few weeks.”
– Ana Calderon, DJ,, Los Angeles, CA 2012.

“Christie has been a fantastic addition to my solo litigation practice. I have consistently relied on her over the past year for legal research, motion writing, and case investigation. She is professional, well-prepared, and easy to work with.”
– Harvey J. Miller, Law Offices of Harvey J. Miller, Los Angeles, CA, 2010.

“When Christie handles special appearances for me, I can always count on her to be on time, to be professional and to get the job done. She’s a real pleasure to work with.”
– Raya Drew, Esq. The Cooper Castle Law Firm, LLP, Las Vegas, NV.


“I was exposed to mold/mildew in a residence I resided in for a little over 2 years. I was informed by a friend to consult with a lawyer in regards to this matter. After contacting several attorneys who refused my case due to the fact ‘mold/mildew case do not pay as much as they use to’, my case was finally picked up by Swanson & McKibben law firm. Within 6 months of Christie picking up my case from another attorney at the firm, my case was settled out of court. Christie was very honest and kept me up-to-date on my case. Whenever I had a question or any suggestions she was opened minded and truthful in her response. We worked together perfectly and I truly believe she did all she could and WON me a nice settlement.

I felt Christie showed compassion for me and my situation throughout the proceedings. She even spoke to me about her past experiences with lawsuits which helped me understand the process being I was new to this. She made me feel comfortable and gave me clear understanding step by step along the way. She truly put up a fight for me and for that I am honored to have worked with such a wonderful person.”
– Former Client “S.P.”

“Christie Asselin helped me in a breach of contract claim. I had made a personal loan to a friend that stopped paying mid way through the payment schedule. From the beginning, Christie was a voice of confidence, professionalism, clarity, reliability and understanding. 10 minutes after my first conversation with her I felt very confident I had contacted the right person to help me deal with this emotional situation. For the first time in months, I felt that someone really WOULD be able to assist me, and she did. Due to a strong work ethic, strong communication skills and a meticulous nature, she was able to keep this matter out of courtroom, and I am now receiving monthly checks again.
Thank You Christie Asselin!”

– Former client, Mauricio Martinez

“Ms. Asselin assisted me in successfully filing a small claims court case against the store that sold me a defective wedding dress. She was professional and compassionate, gently helping move me through the process when my distaste for dealing with the situation would have led me to abandon my case. Her ability to empathize with her clients sets her apart from other attorneys, and I highly recommend her services.”

– Former client, “Eva”


“Christie helped me facilitate a civil litigation case and advocated for a community of us whom had been defrauded by a local company. Her relentless and tenacious efforts yielded attention by the local media, prompting the City Attorney’s office to file a criminal suit against the company on behalf of the victims. If it were not for Christie’s persistence and diligent guidance through the arduous process, I would be just another victim of a crime.”
– Jennifer Musselman, Santa Monica, CA.

“[Christie] was professional and compassionate, gently helping move me through the process when my distaste for dealing with the situation would have led me to abandon my case. Her ability to empathize with her clients sets her apart from other attorneys, and I highly recommend her services.”
– Eva Durden, Brentwood, CA.

“Christie was very professional and judiciously prepared. I highly recommend her.”
– Dawn Musselman, Ventura, CA.

“It was a pleasure to have Christie speak at our monthly Association of Bridal Consultants meeting! We had about 100 of the best Los Angeles and Orange County wedding and event pros in the room and we ALL walked away with some incredibly useful legal knowledge and information.  Her magnetic and charming personality commanded our attention. Our group was definitely very enthusiastic and had a ton of questions for Christie. We could have easily had her speaking to us for at least another hour!  Christie’s background and expertise is invaluable. Every business must have proper legal contracts and policies in place – Christie is the go-to legal expert when it comes to the event and wedding industry!”

-Sara Holland, Wedding planner for At Your Door Events and Co-Director for The Association of Bridal Consultants – South Bay



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